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The blog is back……🙌

Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog……but hey I’ve got no excuse for not having the time at the minute.

I hope your all well and safe xxx

So the bricks and mortar shop has had to close temporarily until the corona crisis has past but we’re working hard to get orders out to you via post.

I’ll be keeping you updated with everything we’re doing on here, Facebook and Instagram so make sure you find us.

It’s only been two weeks since lockdown and things have changed here massively ……..

1. I’ve started to do live tutorials on Facebook (I’ve had to face the fear of the camera)

Follow us on Facebook

2. I’ve released an online Quilting workshop which will take place for a week in April ……..

see the details on the website


3. We’ve started a new fabric community

see the details here of how to join

4. I’ve released a free ebook which contains my best advice if your thinking about getting a sewing machine

5. I filmed a video about my mental health struggles which had 18.8k views in 3 weeks


5. I’ve joined up with a friend in South Africa, Harry Perfors Physical & Mindset expert to help people through the corona lockdown. We’re focusing on helping on keeping your mindset level, how to help motivation, beliefs, self doubt and anxiety during this challenging time………. find us on Facebook

Please let me know how your all doing, I can’t wait to see all of my customers again.

Stay safe




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