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Quilt As You Go Bag Tutorial

Hi everyone and welcome to my first online tutorial, hope its ok 🙂

My Quilted Bag Tutorial 

IMG_4196 IMG_4197

Materials Needed –

I’ve used 100% cotton, lace trim and 2 oz poly wadding.

2 x 7″ x 16″ for the bottom row of the bag

2 x 4.5″ x 16″ for 2nd row

2 x 4.5 x 16″ for the top row.

Handles – 2 x 32″ x 4″

Trim – 2 x 16″

Poly wadding 2 x 20″ x 19″

Lining measurements are taken after quilting.


Lay one piece of wadding out and decide which order the fabric will appear. The bottom row needs to be the largest piece of fabric.


Take your top two rows off and lay them to one side. We are going to start by attaching the bottom piece.

Flip your bottom piece over so it’s now right side facing the wadding.

IMG_4167 IMG_4168

Sew the top edge the fabric to the wadding.


Pull back the fabric to flatten out……


Now your first fabric is in place and with no seam.

Face the 2nd fabric right side down on to the bottom fabric with the bottom edge lining up the top of your bottom fabric…


Sew a together…


Flip the fabric to the right side……only one more row to go.

With the top row of fabric we are going to include the trims.

Line the trim along the top line of the 2nd fabric….add the final fabric face down lining up the bottom with the top edge and the trim…

IMG_4173 IMG_4174

Thats one side finished and ready to quilt… do exactly the same again for the another side.

IMG_4175 IMG_4183

Time To Quilt

You can quilt this bag in any design you want. On this bag I’ve stuck to straight lines using my normal sewing foot and using matching thread.


After quilting trim back the wadding to the fabric on both pieces.

Lining….The lining material can now be measured and cut. Measure the size of your quilted bag panel and cut your lining material the same size. Mines measures 13″ x 16″ but yours could be different depending how much quilting you have stitched on to your bag.

Next the handles….

Fold the raw edge of the length of the fabric in to the middle so they meet, like this….


and iron…..the hold length ways again, like this


Iron again to hold this in place whilst sewing.

Sew down both edges to this,


To attach the handles, lay your bag fabric down right side facing and measure 3″ across from to side of the top of the bag and pin in to place, making a u shape with the handle, make sure the handle isn’t twisted ….like this,



I have left about 1cm over hang to make sure the handles are firmly secured inside the bag.


Place the lining face down on top of the bag panel and handle…


Take the pins out of the handle and repin in the same place but on top of the lining fabric.

Stitch along the top from left to right reversing over the handles to make them secure…do this to both sides of your bag.


So now your piece will look like this……

Now to put your bag together…

Lay out one side of your bag right side up, place the another side face down on top matching the lining together and your quilted sides together. Next we need to match your seams up on the quilted sides….


Pin and sew around the outside of the bag and lining, LEAVING A 5″ GAP AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LINING FOR TURNING.

Pull the bag through the hole and to the right side of the fabric. Push your corners out and slip stitch the gap.

Finally I like to topstitch the top of the bag to keep lining in place.


Then its finished.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, hope to be back with more very soon.


Ami x


Ami Is a Textiles artist based in Swadlincote Derbyshire and the owner of Simply Needlecraft Haberdashery & Sewing Studio and

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